50th Reunion Info Release


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50th Reunion Info Release

The day is almost here - our 50th Reunion on September 7th is fast approaching and we can hardly wait!  Some things you should know before arriving at the Lake Natoma Inn that day:

  1. We will issue no physical tickets to our event.  Just show your photo ID, like a driver's license, to the Registration Desk and they will issue you a "Camera Card" with your name and contact information for the purposes indicated in #2 below and issue you your name badge(s) which will give you admittance to our reunion.
  2. All classmates and their guests will get their portrait taken and classmates will have the opportunity to order prints after the reunion at their own expense.  We need your consent to give Swentowsky Photography your contact information in order for them to create the "Camera Card" which they make in advance.  Swentowsky Photography will use your contact information for business purposes related to our reunion only and keep your information strictly confidential.
  3. We also need to know if you want to be included in our Reunion Memory Book directory.  And, if so, what contact information you wish to include.

Please immediately answer the questions below to help us meet our due date to supply required information to our photographer and ensure that both the photography and the Reunion Memory Book processes go as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions, please click HERE to email us.

Thank you in advance for your quick response!

Your 50th Reunion Committee

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2)   * Do you want your contact information to be included in our Reunion Memory Book directory?

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3)   * If you want your contact information included in our Reunion Memory Book directory, indicate below specifically what you would like to include in addition to your name.

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