In Memory

Cal Cardiff

Cal Cardiff

Passed away on May 18, 2017, at age 66, in Montana.

Here are some words by his friend and our fellow classmate, Jim Moran:

Hey all, I know most of you know about our amazing friend Cal is now looking down upon us all, from Heaven and smiling as only he could. I have been in touch with Kathy and as you can imagine she is devastated. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions in this email. Cal spoke with Kathy on the phone the night before as she was in St. Louis on business. Kathy called him in the morning and when she couldn’t get a hold of him, she had her neighbors check on him. The neighbors found Cal in bed with the sliding glass door open listening to the creek below. He died of natural causes in his sleep as he was living a very clean life, eating healthy, exercising and had just finally retired. Kathy mentioned that his job had become very stressful requiring him to problem solve around the world. His adult children have everything under control. Kathy said, Cal wouldn’t want a funeral, so none planned. She said that Cal has friends in San Diego, Montana & Sacramento. Cal always enjoyed a good party so Kathy is thinking of a barbecue in all three places to have friends come together and enjoy embellishing on some old stories. Kathy wants to hear them all, guys we will need to censor some of the tales. Kathy is thinking the Montana barbecue will be in the last week of June, Sacramento barbecue near the fourth of July and San Diego barbecue unknown. It is sad to see Cal leave us so young, but who could argue with the way he lived his life and falling asleep in the cabin he built for his family, near a beautiful Montana stream and waking up in Heaven the next morning. Cal’s life was always upbeat and having a great time so, there you go. More news to come when available.  Feel free to return comments and share this with friends of Cal’s.   Jimmy

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06/01/17 11:40 AM #1    

Janie Franklin (Roberts)


We were playing games with our grandchildren the other night. As a part of one of the games we were asked several questions about our childhood.  One of them for me was, "Who was your first boyfriend?" I didn't have to stop for even a moment to think, "Calvin Cardiff, isn't that the perfect name for a little girl's first boyfriend? In kindergarten you called everyone by their full first name, so he was Calvin.  He had reddish brown hair - in those days more red than brown, and lots and lots and lots of freckles! Every little girl's first boyfriend ought to have lots of freckles!  And he had the biggest, widest smile, I can only remember him smiling." Just  writing this today makes me smile at the endearing memory.  I have other memories of Cal, but this is my favorite. 

I have known Cal since kindergarten, and went all the way through Greer School, Jonas Salk Junior High, and Encina with him.  It seems like Jim Moran was always his best friend, I can't remember one without the other through most of those years.  Cal, Judy Wicks and Jim are all tied together in my memories of all those childhood/teen years.  It seems so appropriate that Jim would make the announcement that Cal has passed, although I know it was difficult for him.  I am happy Jim believes that Cal lives on, I do too. 

Through all these years, I have only the best memories of Cal, he was always kind, decent and smiling.  Even now, I can't write his name without smiling, and that is a pretty wonderful way to be remembered.  

06/03/17 03:45 PM #2    

Michael Brown

I really didn't know Cal all that much....    But do remember having him in some of my classes from for the 3 years I was at Encina...   Sorry to hear that he is no longer with us, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family......

06/04/17 02:02 PM #3    

Judy Wicks (Cadet)

My neighbor, great friend and wonderful man will always be " Cal Ray" to me!  Just like Jane Franklin said-big smile, lots of freckles, ready with a quip or wry joke.

He looked wonderful when we got together in October for a Gannon Drive reunion. It had been a long time since we'd seen Cal but it felt like yesterday that he was playing flashlight tag in the dark before our parents called us in for the night!  A very accomplished man,smart,a bit secretive,loyal and loving.

We will all get together to celebrate him in Sacramento when Kathy is ready.  RIP Cal Ray.

06/06/17 06:41 PM #4    

Chris Harrold

I was not close to Cal but I greatly admired him. I considered him the quintessential high school leader and athlete: humble, quiet, confident, talented, friendly, happy, the guy guys wanted to be with. My heart goes out to his family and friends. The world needs more people like Cal.

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