40 Year Reunion Pics

Our extremely successful Encina Class of 1969 40th Reunion was held on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at:

                                                   Hilton Sacramento Arden West
                                             2200 Harvard Street
                                             Sacramento, CA 95815
                                             Phone: (916) 922-4700

A total of 92 classmates and a grand total of 132 people attended our reunion making it our best attended reunion yet!  We received a TON of emails, posts to our Message Forum page, and even phone calls from classmates thanking us and saying what a great time they had!  Highlights of the evening included:

  • The display of a pristine, classic 1969 Mustang
  • Registration packets of keepsakes including the Encinian 2009 Yearbook with senior photos of each classmate attending.
  • A Memorabilia Table displaying vintage Apache attire.
  • An In Memory display honoring our classmates who have passed away.
  • A Self-Serve Photo Center where classmates took Polaroid pics & placed them in our Self-Serve Photo Album.
  • Classmate photo centerpieces that classmates could take home.
  • Our reunion group photo.
  • A fantastic buffet.
  • Two psychedelic bars for refreshments.
  • Special guest, Mr. Jack Carey, 1969 Encina Music Department Chairman.
  • Prizes!

    -Jane Larson (Smith) won a night at the Holiday Lodge in Grass Valley donated by Janet Ralph (Douglas) and a $25 gift certificate for being the first to join our class website.

    -Laurie Thacker (Pennacchi) won a GPS donated by Paul Carlson for being the first to buy a reunion ticket.

    -Myke Lance won an iPod nano 3rd generation for traveling the furthest to attend our reunion (all the way from Vienna, VA).

    -Shirley Ward (Rust) won an iPod and jewelry handmade and donated by classmate Stephanie Marks.

    -Pam Pryor (Gleitsman) won four framed 1960's collage posters made and donated by Deborah Carlsberg (Foster).

    -Linda Sheppard won a $25 gift certificate and a case of prune juice donated by Rich Harris.

    -Daniel Ward won the grand prize, a Wii donated by Lynda Benvenuti!
  • The Blues Monsters live!
  • The special treat of hearing the following talented classmates join the band on stage (unfortunately, we didn't get all their photos DARN!):
    -Jane Larson (Smith)
    -Jan Kieling
    -Gordon Tice
    -Bob Lenzi
    -Mark Hansen (Class of '70)
  • The best highlight of all...seeing how much fun everyone had reminiscing, chatting with others, dancing, and just having a great time!  GO APACHES!!!

The 40th Reunion Committee gives special thanks to:

  • All our classmates that bought tickets to our reunion because without you, it couldn't have happened!
  • The many classmates who donated to our Reunion Fund allowing us to offer reasonable ticket prices especially considering all that was provided.
  • Those classmates who donated prizes to help make our reunion even more fun!
  • All the Sacramento Hilton Arden West staff who supported us throughout the many long months (approximately 17!) of preparing for our reunion and their outstanding support during the evening of our event (we highly recommend the Sacramento Hilton Arden West to anyone wanting an outstanding venue to hold a special event!).
  • Valerie Reese (The Balloon Butler) for the wonderful balloon decor.
  • Dave & Cindy Arsenault who provided the classic 1969 mustang on display.
  • All our Registration Desk workers - Tom Barcus, Michelle Biaggi-Taricco, and Dave & Cindy Arsenault.
  • Our photographer, Brian Morris, of BriTai Image Factory.
  • Raines Video Productions who videotaped our reunion (order your DVD today!).
  • And ClassCreator.com for supplying such a powerful and easy to use application which made this website possible allowing us to coordinate our reunion in the most fun and efficient manner possible!


Reunion Group Photo!


 Reunion Pics Slide Show!
(women's married names included when possible)...


Self-Serve Photo Center Slide Show!




Our Encinian 2009 Yearbook!
(best viewed in full screen; once in full screen, "X" out menu bar at right) 



Reunion Attendee List

A list of all the wonderful classmates and their guests attending our reunion:

Randy Abbott

Lynda Benvenuti (Taylor)

Michelle Biaggi-Taricco '74

Rick Bragg

Carol Brereton (Bower)

Will & Elaine Bush

Oliver Caldwell

Debbie Carlsberg (Foster)

Paul Carlson
Mr. Jack Carey
Music Dept. Chair

Phil Caterino

Bob Clark

Kathy Cody (Barnes)

Christie Cole (Newland)

Alan Dankman

David Del Valle (Jensen)

Dan & Dorothy Dimick

Diane Dreyfuss (Lennox)

Chuck Dunn

Peggy Dunn (Burgess) '71

John & Victoria Dyer

Kathy Eldredge '72

Kristine Eldredge (Brown)

Debbie Friedlander (Brans)

Ted Grebitus
Janis Hagan (Keeley) & Gary Crapser Mark Hansen '70 & Lisa Centers

Rich & Tami Harris

Fred Head

Michelle Herman (Ferkel)
Karin Hibma (Cronan) & Michael
Jodi Kavrell (Meromy)

Jan Kieling

Myke & Janet Lance

Jane Larson (Smith) & Dewey

Leslie Lee (Dunn)
Chantelle Lehman (Biaggi)
& Tom Barcus

Robert & Lynn Lenzi

Dale Lewis

Glenn Liebig

Mike & Joanie Macaulay

Exaveria "Rula" Manikas

Vernon Mar

Maureen Martin (Rielli)

Kathy Maurer (Wright)
Michelle McClatchy (Mosley) '71
Patti McRae (Raymer)
Charla Meacham (Francis)
& Tom

Greg Miller

Emery Mitchell
Pat Moore
& Lindy Lisenby-Moore

Jim & Kris Moran

Cathy Morse (Shepherd)

Leslie Pearsall (Abbott)

Jim & Debbie Peterson

Don & Dorothy Pierce

Pam Prior (Gleitsman) & Bing

Kent & Pattie Randles

Sheila Reed (Vera) & Robert

Brian Regan & Guest

Nancy Reid & Richard Price

Cheryl Richards (Uecker)

Richard Rudd

Glenn Rust '67

John Ryan

Candy Sanger (Whitney)

Craig Sarmento '70

Marcee Schwartz (Samberg)

Mary Shaw (Hatch) & Bill

Linda Sheppard

Mike Shower

Bob Sorrels
Pennie Stamm (Taylor)
& Howard

Greg Starr

Sandy Stewart (Plesko)
Howard Teng & Debbie Abbott Laurie Thacker (Pennacchi) & Manlio
Carolyn Thompson (Clark)

Gordon & Betty Tice

Janet Vanderhave (Purdy)

Janice Vanella (Hancock)
Gail (Laura) Vanneman (Warren)
Brian Vaughn & Guest
Aimee Veitenhans (Sloat)
& Mark
Jacqueline "Patti"
Viebrock (Dowden)

Faye Wales (Thomas)

Robert & Barbara Walsh

Daniel Ward

Shirley Ward (Rust)

Judy Wicks (Cadet)

Guy Yeaman '71

David Yoder

Kristine Zeka (Theilen)


Encina Class of 1969 40th Reunion Committee members:


Chantelle Lehman

Gail Vanneman
(Laura Warren)

Deborah Carlsberg (Foster) 


In April, 2008, the Reunion Committee started plans for our 40th reunion held on October 3, 2009.  Approximately 18 months later, in November, 2009, we completed our 40th Reunion Project!


  • Sent classmates an initial notification of the reunion, verified their contact information, and solicited feedback.
  • Created overview and detailed reunion project plans.
  • Created a budget.
  • Created this new Encina Class of 1969 website.
  • Researched 11 potential reunion sites.
  • Narrowed potential sites down to the Hilton Sacramento Arden West Hotel and the Del Paso Country Club because they both have separate areas (one for the band and dancing and another more quiet area for chatting).
  • Chose the Hilton Sacramento Arden West since over 60% of classmates that indicated they are interested in attending the reunion live out of town and due to the significantly lower costs. The Hilton Sacramento Arden West just completed a 4 million dollar renovation and is looking good!  All reunion attendees also qualified for their "Take The Elevator Home" discount on guestrooms (a total of 24 guestrooms were booked).
  • Signed a contract with the Hilton Sacramento Arden West to hold our reunion on Saturday, October 3, 2009, which was the closest available date to the month of September which most of those classmates responding to our survey indicated would work best for them.
  • Paid the $1000 deposit due the Hilton. 
  • Researched several bands to play at the reunion and chose alumni Chuck Dunn's band, The Blues Monsters, to provide live entertainment for our reunion.  Check out their website at www.thebluesmonsters.com.
  • Opened a reunion checking account.
  • Opened a reunion PayPal account.
  • Created a Reunion Donations page to encourage donations to help lower our reunion ticket price.
  • Finalized the reunion ticket price structure.
  • Created the online capability to:
    -Register for the reunion
    -Purchase reunion tickets
    -Make hotel reservations
  • Hired photographer, Brian Morris, of BriTai Image Factory.
  • Hired videographer through Raines Video Productions (the same company that videotaped our 20th reunion their very first year in business!).
  • Decided on our reunion theme: Apache Spirit - Once Apaches, Always Apaches!
  • Designed table centerpieces.
  • Designed magnetic, photo name tags.
  • Designed Encinian 2009 Yearbook.
  • Received the band contract and list of "oldies" they will play.
  • Attended several appointments with our Hilton contact to go over reunion details.
  • Decided on reunion decorations.
  • Created an iPOD playlist of tunes from our high school years to play during the reunion when the band is not playing.
  • Collected donated prizes for our reunion.
  • Completed our efforts to find missing classmates.
  • Contacted all classmates who indicated they were planning to attend our reunion but had not yet purchased ticket(s) to encourage them to purchase their ticket(s) right away.
  • Raised $2,891 in reunion donations!
  • Discontinued ticket sales on 9/17/09.
  • Printed Encinian 2009 Yearbook.
  • Made final preparations for our reunion.
  • Held our event the evening of October 3, 2009, which was a fantastic success!  Our best attended reunion with approximately 130 people attending!
  • Met for our post-reunion meeting on Saturday, October 24, at BoBo Cafe on Fulton Avenue, to review what worked well and what could be improved.
  • Sent thank you notes.
  • Posted slide shows of pics from our reunion to our class website.
  • Created links on our class website to enable the download of photos from our reunion and the ability to order high-quality prints from our reunion photographer.
  • Posted our Encinian 2009 Yearbook to our class website.
  • Sent DVD order forms to classmates for whom we have addresses.
  • Closed our PayPal account.
  • Closed our bank account.
  • Held approximately ten reunion meetings total.
  • Closed our Encina Class of 1969 40th Reunion Project!